Online Demo

Here is a playable demoversion from last "stable" relase:) If is WebGL not detected on Your computer link will be unavailable. In this case check Your system and browser configuration. More information in the FAQ section.

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This game have no special system requiements, but comsumption of WebGL in browser is bigger compare with eqivalent desktop application. Planed compatibility is all devices with WebGL compatible browser, like Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Desktop configuration:

  • CPU: 1GHz (Minimal) / 2GHz (Recomended)
  • Memmory: 512MB RAM (Minimal) / 2048MB RAM (Recomended)
  • Graphics: Intel HD 2000 (Minimal) / external PCI-E (Recomended)
  • OS: Linux / Mac OS X / Windows XP
  • Web Browser: WebGL compatible (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari)

Android recomended configuration:

  • CPU: 1.5GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core
  • Memmory: 1024MB RAM DD3
  • Graphics: Mali-400MP or better
  • OS: Android 4.0
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome Beta with enabled WebGL - look here for details.


How enable WebGL?

In most modern browsers is WebGL default enabled. In other case find Your device bellow:

How speed-up game?

In the planed version will be menu for customize graphics effects. If You play game on notebook try switch to "Game Mode" or similar power settings for speed-up cpu and graphics card.

About Game

Slime Tribe is a turn based strategy game with RPG features. Now is completed battle part of the game, where playing two player on other sides. Battle plane is on the grid 10 x 10 cells. Every character on the battle grid is on the one cell and every turn have one possible action - move, attack, heal (only healers) and spells (only magican). Battle is over when any player defeat all monsters of enemy.

Grid Colors

  • Green: Friendly character with move / move path from selected character
  • Red: Enemy character

Keyboard shortcuts

  • F2: End turn
  • ENTER: Change magic/melee attack (magican)
  • SHIFT: Change spell (magican)

Planed features

Now will be preparing these new features:

  • Quest Map: In the demo is possible to play only battle part of game, but now is preparing for second - mainly quest part with bigger map, locations, items and many other.
  • New characters: In next weeks will be prepared new characters for battle and for new quest part
  • Game settings: From beginning programming this game I think on various of machines and core is ready for many settings of graphics effects like anti-aliasing, textures and shadows. All these settings will be enabled soon.

Special Thanks

Thanks for my Familly, for all my good friends and for all good peole in the past, present and future :) and especially thansks for these developers and web pages where very help me with develop these game:

  • mrdoob and all developers of THREE.js
  • all linux community, for beginner here is link to Wikipedia.
  • many people with helping hands on
  • all developers and designers with beginers hints of very good modeling software blender

This game using many open source technologies, specially thanks for all developers.

  • HTML5: In game is GUI graphics like loading screen, players stats, spells etc. created with using HTML, CSS3 and Javascript. Game plane is created using by new feature of modern browsers named WebGL. This technology is based on OpenGl ES 2.0 and will be show accelerated 3D graphics on most present computes. More info about WebGL on Wikipedia.